Valentines Treats

Quick and Easy Valentines Treats!

I had a few of these left over after Christmas.

jar of candy canes

So I turned them into these; {Easy Peasy!}

vday suckers

Lay your Mini Candy Canes on wax paper in the shape of a heart and a Cookie Treat Stick midway into the heart shape.

Melt some White Chocolate or White Chocolate Chips or Wilton Holiday Candy Melts in a Zip Lock baggie (i used a quart size freezer bag, they’re heavier) in the Micro-wave. (zap for about 1 minute, knead the bag, zap again, knead, zap, etc. until the chocolate is completely melted with no lumps).

v day treats in creamer

Let it cool for a couple minutes, then cut a small tip off the baggie and pipe into the center of the Candy Cane hearts, covering the stick. Sprinkle with your favorite Valentinesy Sprinkles.

suckers and stickers

Let cool. DO NOT stick them into the freezer or fridge to cool. Your Candy Canes will sweat. Sweating Candy Canes = a mess.

I also used my recipe for Jell-O Popcorn Balls from THIS POST and made some pink ones.


I put them in a cupcake liner inside a nut cup tied with cellophane this time.

popcorn balls

AND…. Valentiney Tic Tac’s. You can find a quick tutorial over on THIS POST.

tic tacs

Super Simple, Easy Peasy, Simply Awesome Valentine Treats!


And here’s another Super Simple, Easy Peasy, Simply Awesome Valentines Project:


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