Auntie Dot's Aprons

Auntie Dot’s Aprons

Some fun stuff to share today about my Auntie Dot’s Apron!

Do you remember the APRON IN A JAR that my friend Lori gave me for cooking? You know… Ms. Lori from Bee in my Bonnet….

Auntie Dot's Aprons

Well I was thinking the other day… Wouldn’t it be cool if a Auntie Dot’s Apron Kit fit in a jar…Guess what….? It does…Now how fun would this be to give as a gift to a fellow sewist? Tied with a little recipe for one apron. That Lori, she is such a smarty. I already know who this one is going too….

And I just had to share a couple of posts with you too…My bloggin friend Teresa over at Blooming on Bainbridge is posting about my Auntie Dot’s apron today.

Teresa has caught the sewing bug! She got herself a sewing machine and is going to town. I love reading her posts about her new adventures in sewing. She is so excited to learn to sew! I love following along on her journey.

And you see, I needed a couple volunteers to test my apron pattern. I thought of Teresa. She would be perfect I said to self. She said yes and has made the most adorable aprons. {and not because it’s my pattern LOL} they are super duper cute!

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