Hobbies that can keep you healthy, happier and wealthier

Hobbies can reduce stress and assist you in dealing with depression and anxiety, not just during Covid-19 but throughout the year. Hobbies are a real relaxation and stress reliever and very satisfying. There are many hobby ideas that you can select and choose ones you think you’ll appreciate or are linked and related to your area of interest. Some activities will generate extra income, or you can use them for your business. In this difficult time of Covid-19, many people have lost their jobs, and most of them are unemployed and with no work. They can take up activities, and if they find it enjoyable and easy, they can begin their own business. The most popular activities are listed below:

1.) Gardening: It’s one of the most popular hobbies. Spending 30-40 minutes gardening is great for your health and is also beneficial for the surroundings. You can also cultivate your fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Sitting in the garden for a short time among the greenery will help to ease anxiety. You can earn money selling fruits, vegetables, and flowers through gardening. You can also create a small nursery and then sell the seeds, plants, etc.

2.) Painting: It’s not a problem if you’re not a skilled painter. However, you can begin exploring colors and mixing colors to produce your shade. It is possible to paint your ideas on drawing paper or canvas. Painting is a form of therapy that reduces stress and makes you feel good. You can choose and learn a variety of art, including acrylic painting, oil painting, abstract watercolor painting, pastels, etc. There is also the option of learning tribal and folk art like Warli painting, Madhubani painting, Patachitra, and many more. You can also sell your artwork to earn some money, or you can begin your painting classes and teach others.

3.) DIY-Crafts: There are several DIY-based businesses that you can start, including candles, bath bombs, candle making, aromatic oil, jewelry making, creating lipsticks, and designing or printing T-shirts. You can slowly promote your hand-crafted items in person or create online stores.

4.) Cooking and International cooking suggestions: It is believed cooking can relieve stress. It is possible to cook a variety of dishes and test new recipes. Start cooking food from various nations. However, always ensure healthy cooking habits. Alongside your passion for food, you can begin your own food business. You can begin catering businesses or take orders for food preparation for events and parties that could generate income. You can also begin an online food business selling your sweets, snacks, chocolates, and cookies.

5.) Fitness Yoga and Meditation: It is possible to join gyms for fitness classes or choose meditation and yoga as a healthy pastime. You could also teach the practice to other people in your local community. Many people are interested in health and fitness. You can become an exercise or yoga instructor.