Contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

Making better real estate decisions

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Ready to embark on your sustainable living journey or find the perfect eco-friendly investment? Contact Pleasant Homes for a confidential consultation. We’ll discuss your sustainable living goals, explain our services, and provide insights into available eco-friendly properties.

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How We Can Help

As dedicated buyers agents, we are your partners in finding homes that not only meet your needs but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

At Pleasant Homes, we believe that your home should not only reflect your lifestyle but also align with your values. Our mission is to guide you on the path to eco-friendly living in Australia by connecting you with the perfect sustainable properties.

Evaluating large and diverse portfolios

Pleasant Homes isn't just another real estate agency—it's a gateway to a more eco-conscious and sustainable way of living.

Performing single-property analyses

Our team of buyers agents specializes in identifying and acquiring properties that embrace eco-friendly features, sustainable design, and green living principles.


Eco-Friendly Expertise

We are experts in eco-friendly real estate, with a deep understanding of sustainable building practices, green technologies, and environmentally conscious neighborhoods.

Local and National Coverage

Our network of buyers agents spans across Australia, allowing us to offer a wide range of sustainable property options, from urban apartments to rural eco-retreats.

Personalized Service

Every client is unique, and we tailor our services to your specific preferences, whether you're looking for a cozy eco-cabin or a modern green home.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

Eco-friendly living doesn't mean breaking the bank. We source properties that balance sustainability with affordability, ensuring a reasonable investment for your future.

Sustainable Community

We connect you with like-minded individuals and communities that share your passion for sustainable living.

About Pleasant Homes

Sustainable Living, Delightful Homes

Aiming to Be the Best

Pleasant Homes isn’t just another real estate agency—it’s a gateway to a more eco-conscious and sustainable way of living like Henderson. Our team of buyers agents specializes in identifying and acquiring properties that embrace eco-friendly features, sustainable design, and green living principles.


Start your journey to sustainable living with us today.

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Out of 5 what Our Clients Say


Best real estate consultant ever

We had an older property that we wanted to transform into an eco-friendly haven. Pleasant Homes provided us with invaluable guidance on sustainable renovations. Their expertise in green building materials, energy-efficient upgrades, and eco-conscious design turned our vision into a reality. Our home is now a shining example of sustainable living.

Gianna Irvin

Working with Pleasant Homes was our smartest decision

As an investor passionate about sustainability, Pleasant Homes has been instrumental in helping me build a portfolio of eco-friendly properties. Their knowledge of sustainable real estate and commitment to responsible investing have been key to my success. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to invest in a greener future.

John Oliver

Working with Pleasant Homes turned out to be very profitable

Pleasant Homes made our transition to sustainable living so easy and enjoyable. Their buyers agents found us a beautiful eco-friendly home that aligns perfectly with our values. The personalized service and attention to detail exceeded our expectations. We’re grateful for their expertise in making our green dream a reality.

Becky George
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